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Rediset® LQ

Pave longer-lasting roads

Rediset LQ

Most people probably don’t think “technology” when they come across a road crew, but building roads to last is more complicated than it looks. So it’s not surprising that there are people who make it their business to apply science to the development of improved paving materials. Indeed, AkzoNobel has been applying technology to road-building since the 1940s. The new generation product is a superior warm-mix additive called Rediset® LQ.

When compared with its hot-mix asphalt (HMA) counterparts, roadways constructed with Rediset® LQ modified asphalt exhibit favorable test results, indicating strong resistance to moisture damage, resulting in superior, long-lasting roads.

More than simply a warm-mix additive

Warm-mix asphalt (WMA) improves working conditions, paving performance, and the environment. By reducing fuel consumption at the hot-mix plant, warm mix reduces the carbon footprint of asphalt paving, and the lower paving temperatures virtually eliminate emissions and odors.

The use of WMA technology extends the paving season, allows longer haul distances and enables cool weather and night paving. Warm-mix reduces binder aging during mixing and paving and helps density targets to be met which together should lead to more durable pavements. While the general benefits of WMA technology are now well-established in the field, the actual results may vary widely between systems, making the choice of treatment challenging.

In short, Rediset® LQ provides:

  • Superior workability and compaction even at reduced temperatures
  • Active adhesion that enables coating of incompletely dried aggregates, prevents stripping and improves moisture resistance
  • An easy-to-use liquid product that simplifies handling and metering at the plant
  • Green light to open roads to traffic sooner
  • Enhanced foamed asphalt warm-mix properties